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Top 10 Reasons Your Business Should Join the Chamber

1. Make connections: Why should I go to events the Chamber offers? The Chamber offers a variety of ways for new and existing members to promote and introduce others to their business, such as, Chamber Coffees, Business After Hours, Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings, and many sponsorship and volunteer opportunities provided throughout the year.

2. Learn something: What can the Chamber offer me as far as new business skills? Educational programs, conferences, seminars, and online resources provide Chamber members access helpful in building the skills and knowledge necessary to grow and maintain a successful business.

3. Read it: The Chamber offers a weekly publication, Keeping PACE. This circular offers our members insight into what is going on within and outside the Chamber. The newsletter is a brief description of upcoming events in the community.

4. Get updated: The Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce is actively involved in legislative news and events. We visit Topeka at least twice a year to meet with legislators from across the state and discuss issues that directly affect our region and possibly your business.

5. Get the facts: The Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce has a wealth of information providing a unique insight into the growth of the Pittsburg Area.

6. The life: What is the community like, will it be a good place to raise my children, can I find a job? The character of a community is reflected first by the Chamber which is the first contact for most people and businesses looking to relocate to the Pittsburg Area.

7. Ask somebody who knows...and cares: Need information to expand your business, want to find a better way to promote your business, want to keep abreast of current laws and opportunities in an ever changing market? We are here for our members to help them find better ways to do business and get the most from their membership with the Chamber.

8. Take a bow: Are you expanding your business or wanting to have an open house to show case a new product? Contact the Chamber. We want to coordinate a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Chamber Coffee, or Business After Hours for you. We notify the membership and general public about this event and your success. We promote festivities through our weekly Keeping PACE Newsletter, Chamber Minute on KKOW Radio, the Chamber Corner in The Morning Sun's Sunday newspaper as well as a special announcement on our website.

9. It's the network: Want to know what other businesses in our area are up to or even what they do? Want to let others in the business community know what you do? This can be accomplished by holding a Chamber Coffee, Business After Hours, Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, or Groundbreaking Ceremony. There is also the ultimate network opportunity of the internet and the Chamber website.

10. Why not? I am doing just fine without the Chamber, why should I join? The purpose of the Chamber is for the general good, not just personal gain. While it is highly likely that the Chamber can and will be of direct and material assistance to you, it is absolutely certain that its programs are indirectly helpful to all business and professional people, as well as the communities we serve.

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